Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yesterday I finished the baby quilt I was making for my first great-nephew (OMG that makes me sound old; FYI he was the first born in his generation to my much older brother.) Anyhoo, it was great to get it finished as I will be making the trek up north and give it to him this weekend. It is 42.5" x 47.5".
Here is the front:

The back:

A close up. It is hard to read but I embroidered Jeffrey Thomas on the front:

And it folded with the binding:

Then today I finished my SIL's retirement quilt, good sized lap quilt at 55" x 68". It is the Disappearing Nine Patch.
The front:

And a close up:

I am including with her quilt a good mystery novel, some tea and a teacup, which is how I plan to spend my retirement when not quilting.

Also, my current yarn project, inspired by the gorgeous crocheted items on Attic24, the primo blog if you want to get inspired to crochet.

Tomorrow I am driving 300+ miles for the retirement party, so will not be blogging for a few days. I will however, be visiting all the quilt, yarn, stitchery and fabric shops I can find up there.......this is going to be expensive!
Have a great week and weekend,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Patchy Friends

As previously promised, here are some more patchy friends that I love....a kitty, a flour sack bear, and another old quilted bear......I love recycled items, and these are especially pleasant as they are soft and squishy....

Here it is a heat index of 100'F, and humid as all get out. When you go outside it sucks the wind right out of your lungs. I plan to stay inside as much as possible. Hmmmm, sounds like a good excuse to sew and quilt!

Have a fun day!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Candy Store Flimsy

I hate to say I got distracted while working on the quilt tops for my nieces and nephews........I saw some of the pretty happy, bright prints I had cut and decided to put some of them together for a lap quilt for me.....

I always end up making lap quilt too big. This one seems to be just right. (I feel like Goldilocks) But I like the combination of prints. It reminds me of all the colors in a gumball machine, hence the name.
I am getting a really ridiculous amount of flimsies needing quilting. I have been waiting for batting to go on sale, and it is, but my local JoAnn's is moving so they are liquidating, not following the sales fliers, and not getting new stock in. Oh the crosses I must bear......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Selvage applique

Saturday while garage saling I found wooden embroidery hoops at a church sale, for the amazing price of 8/$1.00. So of course I snapped them right up. When I got home I decided to make another selvage project:

My house.....

A little closer....

And again....

It was so fun I had to make another....

And another.....

And just one more.....

Sorry for the bad pic on the last one......

Hope you like them! The periwinkle background is from a yard sale linen/rayon shift I bought a few weeks back...for 50c.......

Group photo:

It is rainy here, but at least I don't have to water the garden! Have a lovely day!